Pioneer street mall's retail development in Romania

New concept, destined to create a strong partnership and great opportunities for business’s development.

Private parking, dedicated to the street mall

All our projects benefits of private parking of at least 100 places, meant to ensure all familie’s comfort.

Modern, elegant and friendly shop facades

All projects have modern, friendly and original design, with high impressive glass facades and powerful colors.

Lower maintenance costs comparing to a classic mall

New technologies, modern design and engineering, meant to minimize exploitation and managing costs.


La Strada Popeşti Leordeni, up and running since

All construction works were finished. Several commercial units are already running, the others will be delivered soon.

La Strada Brașov opening

The opening of La Strada concept Brasov is programed for Q2, 2018. We will keep you updated with evolution of the project.

La Strada Militari 1 opening

The opening of La Strada concept Militari is programed for September 2018. We will keep you updated on the project’s developement.

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Newest and modern neighborhoods

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+ 40 799 506 507