Militari 2

La Strada Militari


Location in the newest and the most developing residential area of the city

During the last years the area grew by more than 50% in terms of population

Location dominated by a young community with high purchasing power

Lower maintenance costs comparing to a classic mall but similar catchment area

The concept was developed as a new city center for the community, meant to reunite people together both for pleasure and good time but also to offer all kind of proximity services, including opportunities for daily activities, for parents and children. The concept reunites a wide range of uses such as convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacy, bank, telecom, beauty salon, pharmacy, kids shops.

Young families, revenues above average

Important development for a community dominated by young, numerous families and raising.

New dwellings delivered every day

Militari neighborhood has a galloping demographic development and a community dominated by young, dynamic families.

30 unique and adaptive commercial units

La Strada concept Militari 2 will be situated in the Western part of the neighborhood, where several new residential building will be delivered soon.