Popeşti Leordeni

La Strada Popeşti Leordeni

Retail Chain

La Strada Popesti Leordeni is the first strip mall to be part of a new retail chain initiated and developed by a group of experienced real estate developers

Strip Mall Concept

La Strada concept is all about community, good time and comfort. It brings a new urban sense of city center, where people want to live, work and have a good time.

La Strada Audience

With a population of 38.000 residents, Popesti Leordeni is expected to receive new inhabitants. 15.000 apartments are planned for development in the next years.

La Strada concept is all about bringing closer to the community all the necessary services, including opportunities for daily needs. The concept reunites a wide range of uses such as convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacy, bank, telecom, beauty salon, kids shops.

With a galloping demographic development and a community dominated by young families, Popesti Leordeni city represents the perfect location for this project. La Strada concept, anchored by a 1.000 sqm Mega Image store, will offer around 30 commercial units.

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